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Lots of mushrooms in the forests of Roztocze

10.14.2015 The period of autumn charring is favorable for mushroom picking, especially in the forests of Roztocze and the Solska Forest, we now have a real rash. In addition, almost all species of fungi occur in this area. For several weeks, each of us has been wondering if it is worth going to the forest. In the end we can confidently say yes. The last rainfall, warm weather at the end of September, as well as the still positive temperature have meant that there are already places where mushrooming is successful. Although it is not yet possible to talk about the maximum mushroom spill, people who know the surrounding forests, as well as the places where mushrooms occur, will certainly be able to boast of substantial collections. First of all, we can count on kites, kids. Immediately after them are specimens of porcini mushrooms and boletus mushrooms. The pine groves are worth a look for buttermilk. In the forest near Parczew, similarly to Lubartów, there are many of them. This is what the local mushroom pickers say. There are also many species of fungi in the forests surrounding Krasnobród. Here most often trips to mushroom picking are very fruitful. Mushroom picking also requires compliance with certain rules. Here is a short guide. First, they must not be uprooted from the ground. It's best to gently twist them just off the ground, but so as not to damage the mycelium. Mushrooms can be cut with a penknife, but close to the ground, but always paying close attention to the mycelium. Destroying it will cause that the fungus will not grow here anymore. After collecting the mushroom, remember to cover the remaining "crater" with forest mulch. You should always collect only mushrooms of the right size, and therefore not too young, because even a skilled mushroom picker may have difficulty recognizing the species in terms of edibility, but also not too old, because these in turn can cause poisoning. In no case should you collect mushrooms in plastic bags, because they can emit toxic substances and thus become poisonous. Therefore, when choosing mushrooms, you should take baskets with you. Before such an expedition, it is also worth studying the species issue of mushrooms to collect only edible ones. With the inexorably approaching autumn, you can think that there will be more and more mushrooms in Roztocze. It is worth adding that mushroom picking campaigns in these areas make the nature and aesthetics of the surrounding forests much more attractive.