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Roztoczański National Park

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Roztoczański National Park is located in the central-eastern part of the country, in the Lublin Province. It covers the most valuable natural areas of Roztocze. The park was created in 1974 on the area of ​​4801 ha. Its current area is 8483 ha, including forests cover 8102 ha (95.5%). 1029 ha (12.1%) was covered by strict protection. The park was established in the State Forests of the Kosobuda and Zwierzyniec Forest Inspectorates, which were formerly the forests of the Zamość Ordinance. The beginnings of protection date back to 1936, when the Bukowa Góra reserve was created, which is currently one of the park's strict protection areas. Until the creation of the Park, 1064.38 ha in the form of 10 forest and floristic reserves have been protected. The park is located in the varied landscape of Central Roztocze in the upper Wieprz valley. It is an area separating the Lublin Upland from the Sandomierz Basin with a diversified geological structure. The hump of Roztocze is built of Upper Cretaceous rocks (rocks, geres and marl). Tertiary formations occur in the edge zone. Quaternary formations are covered with a thin cover in the Wieprz Valley and the Zwierzyniec Padola. The main types of sculpture are equine ridges, monadnocks, edges, fellows and valleys. In the northern part of the park, rendzinas and brown paraffin forests predominate among soils. The remaining area is more diversified, with the largest area covered by sandy podzol soils. The main water course of Central Roztocze and the park is the Wieprz River. On the section flowing through the park, it is classified in II cleanliness class. The following streams start from the park: Szum (2.5 km) and Świerszcz (9.0 km), which drain their waters to Tanwia and Wieprz. The waters of the Świerszcz stream supply the Echo pond complex and the pond in the center of Zwierzyniec. The park's forest complexes are divided by numerous, deeply indented enclaves and semi-enclaves of non-forest land, the total area of ​​which exceeds 600 ha. These land, in conjunction with areas occupied by fragments of state and private forests, cause a strong fragmentation of the park area and significantly impede effective protection. Two railway lines and five sections of public roads run through the park and pose a significant threat to the park's nature. The history of Roztocze and the park area is closely connected with the Zamość Code, created in 1589. The material culture of the region is rich. There is a set of buildings in Zwierzyniec, which housed the administration of the property. The carefully renovated house of the plenipotentiary (administrator of the ordinance) now houses the headquarters of the park.


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