Tło Roztocze

Solska Forest Landscape Park

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The park was created in 1988 in order to preserve the unique natural, historical, cultural and landscape values ​​of Roztocze and the Solska Forest, in particular compact forest complexes of the Puszcza nature with characteristic flora and fauna, as well as the richness of the landscape of river valleys creating gorges known as "noise" or "Szypot" in the edge zone of Roztocze and Sandomierz Basin. The park includes wooded, southwestern hills of the Roztocze edge part, among which the following deserve special attention: pine forest complexes with a large diversity of habitats - from dry to marshy and wet forests, complexes of inland dunes and gorges of river valleys. Forests, as the dominant element of the park, constitute 85.6% of its area. The age of the stands present here does not exceed 40-60 years. The forest complexes located in the outer edge of Roztocze are crossed by river valleys such as: Jeleń, Potok Łosiniecki, Sopot, Niepryszka, Szum and Tanew. The bottom of these valleys is overgrown with riparian forests.


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